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Newsletter - Introduction

The Old n Rare Canary Club was formed in 2012 with the aim of the club mainly to give the rare breeds a chance to increase its numbers for viable breeding stocks for the future and a platform not only from the show bench but in these modern times one from an Internet base.

Therefore as proprietor along with others we felt it was time to have our own members show in the home counties,  it will have a better attendance of exhibiting members as most being spread far and wide have already said that other shows are too far away,  but would make the effort if it was in a more central position.  

This club operates in a totally new way from clubs of the past , as almost no members of today's societies ever attend monthly meetings. And for that reason there will be no meetings other than the clubs annual members show.

However all members are free to meet and discuss on the sites forum at any time  and there's also facility for private messaging along with a sales/wanted section . This feature of the club is already proving to be a hit with many mem­bers , at present there’s about 30 mostly using nicknames on the forum, but not all have joined as full members to the club that numbers just over fifty now .  

As we agreed when setting up the club there will be not be any patronage's, but as the club gains momentum in its membership that’s spread far and wide it would make sense to have area members shows covering north and south .

As many of the fanciers that have been involved with these breeds know I started setting out the classification in the nineties.  I have been updating them ever since when breeds not necessarily new appear on the benches such as more recently the Harlequin.  This will be no different in the future and the next classification will include London Fancies.


Membership will always be free along with the sales in the forum and we will have a traders section at some time in the future.  Please visit the Forum section of the website if you wish to join in discussions and sell any items you may have.

There is no charge for selling items on the site.


The members show details will be completed shortly and there will be periodical newsletters appearing on the website from time to time.

Stephen Savage